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About E Jeninga

Hello I’m E. I’m a Graphic Designer based in Wisconsin. I've designed the art for the 2022 and the 2023 Midwest SETAC Conventions and promotional material for the James R. Connor University Center at the University or Wisconsin-Whitewater. 


I love the mystery of graphic design and how every brand offers unique opportunities for me to use my creativity. It’s rewarding knowing that I can help companies and organizations connect with their audience. I believe that great design makes the world a better place.



My design for the UC Concourse Wall Earned first place in the 2024 Steal This Idea Interior/Wall Art designed by a student in the National ACUI graphics competition.



I love whimsical designs with a touch of retro flair. In my free time I read fantasy novels, visit museums, and play with my cats. I dabble in block printing and embroidery when I have the chance. I take every chance I get to learn about folklore and mythology. I love old children's stories, and draw inspiration from them when I can. I'm also working on learning Dutch. 


If you have a project you need help with, I’d love to talk you about it.

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